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Alternative care database was established by Hayat Sende Association with the aim of monitoring and advocacy in the field of children, young people and individuals who grow up under protection.

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The data on children, young people and individuals leaving protection under protection in Turkey cannot meet the needs of the field. With this database, it is aimed to increase the visibility of children and young people with different characteristics and needs within the child protection system, and to highlight their needs and problems. Monitoring and reporting on the child protection system in Turkey is carried out through the database.

Statistical data contained in the database are obtained from the Ministry of Family and Social Services, and news reflected in the written press and publications are published by non-governmental organizations. Descriptive data consists of national and international reports, academic studies, expert opinions, news samples, strategic litigation examples.

Individuals who were raised under the child prorective services can also share data at any time on this database. Meaning that, they can enter information to the data sharing platform.

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