Strategic Litigation

Author: Hayat Sende 37 views

Strategic litigation is a comprehensive and multifaceted legal process aimed at solving one or more problems affecting multiple people, by creating solutions for all groups affected by the problem, rather than ensuring individual access to rights one by one. Strategic litigation can include litigation through the judiciary, as well as resorting to mechanisms to influence and control policy makers.

The aim of strategic litigation is to raise awareness and public opinion about a problem affecting multiple people and arising from the system, to ensure that the solution applies to all individuals affected by the problem, and to improve policies and practices.

It is observed in the area where there are some practices and policies that make it difficult for individuals who grow up under state protection to access rights. Access to rights and services can be achieved by advocating at an individual level for individuals facing difficulties. However, when more than one person experiences the same problem over and over again, it seems that the problem should be solved from a much higher point. For this reason, strategic lawsuits are being carried out in order to facilitate the access of children, young people and adults raised under protection to rights and services, improve practices and present overlooked points to the public.

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